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799163 - Choice

treasure bowl! 聚寶盆
I'm playing a Chinese game, Choice, although the Chinese title is "咒" which means "Curse." So far the Chinese text doesn't seem necessary to complete the puzzles, but I'm translating it for the benefit of others, and because I like the practice.
咒 Curse
數位短片暨互動式多媒體 - Digital Short Interactive Multimedia
遊戲開始 - begin game

生命就像是一場遊戲, life is just like a game,
如果你還有選擇, if you still have a choice,
遊戲並不會停止, the game won't stop at all,
所以別放棄你的'遊戲', so don't abandon your game,
一定還有其他選擇, there's definitely other choices,
只有活下去才能了解一切, only by going on living can one understand everything,
遊戲開始... game start...
"生命的價值來自放選擇" life's value comes from choices

第一門: 誕生 遊戲開始 The First Door: Birth. Game start.

人的生, 只有一件事不能選擇, 就是自己的出生, 不管我們從何而來, 只管我們從哪裡開始, 就像是一個初生的種子, 儘管環境有多惡劣, 只要應有足夠的養分, 它就能依舊成長著. In the life of a person, there’s only one thing that cannot be chosen, that’s one’s own birth. It doesn’t matter where we come from, only where we start. Just like a newborn seed, although the environment has so much badness, as long as there are the sufficient proper nutrients, it can still grow up.

第二門; 運氣 遊戲應變 The Second Door: Luck. Game adapts.

一生的運勢有好有壞, 也許世上天注定, 但我們依然擁有決定的權力. 像走在充滿障礙的十字路口中, 每遇到錯拆時會選擇避開或是克服, 讓自己一路平暢順心. Throughout one’s life there is good luck and bad luck, perhaps what’s on earth is destined in heaven, but we still have the power of decision. Like walking within a crossroads brimming with obstacles, every time we encounter a destructive fault we can choose to avoid it or to overcome it. Make oneself a road flat, smooth and happy.

In level two on the diagram, the handwriting is not very good, so I couldn’t understand it enough to translate.
There are also some characters on the map. I recognize 中 于 成 度 如, which mean "Middle - At - Become - Degree - If."

第三門; 學習 良師益友 The Third Door: Learning. Good teachers and helpful friends.

我們總是不斷的學習, 增境知識, 若對我們無益的就捨去它, 並且要懂很多事, 在生命中才能時時找到解答, 成功的機會也就多了一半. We are always continuously learning, expanding knowledge, when something’s not good for us we give it up, furthermore we understand many things. In life, as long as we constantly find answers, the chance of success increases by half.

第四門: 挑戰 累積經驗 The Fourth Door: Challenge. Accumulate experience.

人需要不斷挑戰與磨練, 像是梅花不畏懼寒的風霜, 在艱苦的環境中仍是奮發向上及不屈不撓的精神, 而青翠的璧玉也是石頭經年累月所磨出來的. People need unceasing challenge and discipline. Like a plum blossom does not fear the cold wind and frost, in an environment of adversity to still rouse oneself upwards to an unyielding spirit, and a disc of blue-green jade is a stone worn through years and months[?].

第五門: 成就 享受人生 The Fifth Door: Accomplishment. Enjoying human life.

人的一生時間有限, 勝敗結局並不是最重要的, 反而是玩這段過程中, 心情起伏及過關斬將的成就感, 就像長壽的松樹伴隨著時間持之以恆奠定屹立搖的地位. A person's life time is limited, a victory or defeat at the conclusion isn't the most important thing at all, but rather playing the course. The ups and downs of one's mood and passing a test, the successful feeling of checkmate. It's just like the long-lived pine tree persevering along with time's towering, fixed place.

第六門: 愛 生命傳承 The Sixth Door: Love. Life passes on.

生命像遊戲不斷的再循環著開始與结束, 並且永遠也不是只有一個主角, 因為每個人扮演的玩家都不一樣, 而遊戲不單只屬於個人的, 因為世界上不可能只有一個人存在, 所以應多一點人與之間的互動與關愛, 生命才更有價值, 生命不但是在紀錄自己的遊戲也是和別人的遊戲. Life is like a game, unceasingly looping again, starting and ending. Furthermore eternity doesn't only have one leading role, because the player each person acts is different, and the game does not simply belong to an individual, because in this world there cannot be only one person existing, so there ought to be more interaction and expression of love between people, only then will life have even more value. Life is not a self-recorded game but a game with others.

遊戲並沒有結束, The game hasn't ended at all
因為 咒 會讓更多人活著, because "Choice/Curse" can make even more people play
你得將 咒 再傳遞給下一個人, you shall pass on the "curse" to someone
遊戲就像生命的延續般, the game is just like life's way of continuing
會不斷的一直傳承下去... it will unceasingly constantly pass on...

「人不但要為自己而活,也要為別人而活」 "People not only want to live for themselves, they also want to live for others."

第一門: 誕生: 遊戲開始 The First Door: Birth. Game start.
葉子與種子代表新生, 因為人的一生, 只有一件事不能選擇, 就是自己的出生. The leaf and the seed represent the newborn, because a person's life only has one thing that cannot be chosen, that's one's birth.

第二門: 運氣: 隨機應變 The Second Door: Luck. Random adaptations.
蓮花代表出淤泥而不染, 即使上天注定的環境極差, 但我們依然有決定權去應變這些難題. The lotus stands for coming up against problems and not succumbing, even if heaven dooms one to an environment of poverty, we still have the power of decision to adapt to these difficult problems.

第三門: 學習: 良師益友 The Third Door: Learning. Good teachers and helpful friends.
竹葉代表歲寒三友, 我們總是需要不斷的學習並增進知識. The bamboo leaf represents "the three symbols of lasting friendship" [a motif in Chinese painting of the bamboo, pine and plum blossom]. We always need to constantly learn and enhance knowledge.

第四門: 挑戰: 積累經驗 The Fourth Door: Challenge. Accumulate experience.
梅花不畏嚴寒的風霜, 在艱苦的環境中仍是奮發向上及不屈不撓的精神. The plum blossom doesn't fear the bitter cold wind and frost, in difficult circumstances still rousing upwards to an unyielding spirit.

第五門: 成就: 享受人生 The Fifth Door: Accomplishment. Enjoying human life.
松樹代表長壽與時間, 從幼苗成為大樹, 經歷漫長歲月, 就像人一生上的成就與地位. The pine tree represents longevity and time, becoming a large tree from a young sprout, experiencing the lengthy years, just like a person's success and position in life.

第六門: 愛: 生命傳承 The Sixth Door: Love. Life passes on.
菊花代表珍重生命與追恩, 因為有愛, 生命才不斷延續著, 而生命的價值觀也會一直傳承下去. The chysthanthemum represents treasuring life and pursuing acts of kindness, because only if there is love will life unceasingly continue, and life's values also will always be passed on.

即使人生再像遊戲, Even if life is like a game,
也不能像遊戲不斷的重來... unlike a game it can't be played over and over...

《遊戲可以重來, 而人生卻不能重來》"A game can be played again, but human life cannot be played again."

IMPORTANT! Write down the number at the beginning of the game after you click start! The font is weird so it is best to try to draw it precisely, some of the numbers (four for instance) look like other numbers. Or even take a screen capture.

Level one:
Click the door. Click the light twice. Click repeatedly on various spots on the wall to smash holes. Click on the largest hole to reveal an eye. Click on the eye. Click on the plant on the left of the green sign. Click repeatedly on the green sign to make it partially fall off. Click the plant that appears. Click the generator box on the pipes. Click the panel above the grate. Click the bowl under the panel. Click the spigot inside the panel to pour water into the bowl. Click the spigot again to turn it off. Click the bowl twice. Click the bottom section of the green part of the sign. Click the middle section. Click the top section.

Level two:
Click the door. Click the doorway. Mouse over the chair and click. Click the incense bowl in the bottom of the open locker and place under the chair. Click the painting and place on the discolored section of the wall. Click the plug of the cd player. Click the outlet on the wall. Click the cd player. Click the box of matches in front of the cd player and light the incense (may take a few tries). Click the book in the middle of the locker that held the bowl. Click on the wall to reveal the blue sections. Click on one of the subway tokens next to the incense bowl. Play mini-game of avoiding touching the walls or red things. Wait for map on wall to fill with blue. Click on painting.

Level three:
Click the door. Click the doorway. Click and drag the podium to the left side. Click the left eraser, move to the top of the writing on board, and hold down the mouse button until it is all erased. Click the right eraser repeatedly until it falls off. Click the blue disk by the hole and put it into the computer slot. Turn on the switch on the upper right and observe the frayed part. Turn off the switch. Click both sides of the frayed part to fix the wire. Turn on the switch. Mouse over the books to reveal coordinates. Click on one of the coordinates and drag it up to the chalkboard and release. Look at the computer and match the coordinate to the correct spot on the chalkboard, then click when you find it. One of the coordinates will draw a complete set of leaves, and you can click on the overhead screen to bring it down. (If you pick the wrong coordinate, erase it with the eraser and try a different one.) Click the screen.

Level four:
Click the door and doorway. Click the candle. Click the paper behind it and place in the middle, below the window. Click window to open the left side. Click the lower horizontal bar. Repeatedly click the transmitter to the right of the open window until the wire connects. Click on the perpendicular blue handle on the pipe to put in the up position. Click on the two gears so that the 0 on the big gear and the 5 on the little gear touch. On the transmitter (the right box showing 99), click on the right nine until it is down to 0, then quickly click the left nine down to 0. While you are clicking the left nine, the right 0 will start increasing up. You want it to show 05. Click the brown circle with blue center on the paper. Click the panes on the right window to break them and let the bee out.

Level five:
Click the door and doorway. Click the flashlight and move the circle of light to the left to reveal four times. Click on the clock to the four times, the fifth time is on the calendar. A butterfly will land on the clock, click on the pipe to the left to have it fall and knock off the clock. Click on the block of wood repeatedly to knock it out. Click on both doors to open them. Click on the frame and place on the couch. Click on the hourglasses as fast as you can from left to right. Eventually the painting will fill up. Click on it.

Level six:
Mouse down, click on the floor, click on the paper. Add one to the number from the beginning of the game and use that as the code. Click on the book twice. Enjoy pictures.


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May. 31st, 2007 02:20 pm (UTC)
More Chinese text in the game
Thanks for showing this great game and translating the Chinese text to it! I'm not sure if you knew about this already, but you can unlock more text in the game, in case you'd like to practice some more. ;-)

Here is how:

1. Main screen, lower left corner: click the book above "About"

2. Find the button (Answer) and click on it. Erase the text "Administrator ID", and type this six-digit code instead: 601895

(Alternatively, you can just click to the right of the (Answer) button and type the above code directly.)

3. Either way, hit Enter. A sound and the word "Admission!" will confirm that you've done it right. Now you can read some more Chinese text next to the pic of each stage... perhaps some extra info about the stages?

4. Accessing Super Easy game mode: after doing all the above, click on the word "Admission" and the game will proceed like normal - except the title screen will display (Easy Version) underneath the usual stuff.

Take care,

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